Our Values


Users should be customers, not products.

Fake news and clickbait are in your feed because they’re profitable, and until the business model changes, that won’t either.


Real conversations happen in small groups.

Public threads and like counts incentivize toxic behavior – and no army of moderators or opaque set of standards will fix that.


Platforms are publishers.

When tech companies pretend to be neutral in the face of hard decisions, they’re really just giving themselves license to choose the path of least resistance. We don’t amplify first and ask questions later – we only surface content if we can vouch for it.


Creators should be fairly compensated for their work.

Most of the money in digital media comes from advertising, but almost all of it goes to a handful of big tech companies – not content creators. You can’t pay your rent with exposure and you can’t eat clout. We’re working directly with journalists and content creators to create a new model that’s fair – and sustainable – for everyone.


Inclusion makes products better and companies stronger.

“Diversity” isn’t a buzzword to dust off once a year for a special day or a special month. We aim to live our values every single day, and that means actively working to bring marginalized groups to the table – in both our company and our community.

We’re building a diverse team of smart, creative people who passionately give a shit. Interested in working with us? Drop us a line.